Friday, December 12, 2008

Its the most wonderful time....

Well I have to say I look forward to December being here. Decemember is the last month of the semester (thank goodness) and its a time to celebrate Christmas and New Years with family and friends. This year we are spending time up North and I'm really looking forward to it. Izzy Boy for the last week has been asking to play with his cousins and so this year I'm going to try really hard to be proactive and go out and do fun activities. Usually its the older adults who plan things but I figured its time for the younger married ones to step up (besides we know what the kids are really into).
I remember every Christmas going over to my dads side of the family, and we'd always do fun things on Christmas Eve like play games, make crafts, and out sledding or ice skating. Now that I'm older I want to continue in making Christmas fun for the little ones.
This year I decided instead of buying all the kids presents I would spend the money on an activity we could all go do as a family. I decided to rent a trolley for the family to go and see the lights at Thanksgiving Point, and I am sooo excited to see the looks on the kids faces! I figure kids get so many toys during Christmas yet they really grow bored with them so quickly. So, why not give them a fun experience and memories that can last a life time.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas/New Year and that we can focus on things that are the most important: our family, friends, and Christ our Lord. Merry Christmas everyone.

Friday, November 7, 2008

H.Y.P.E. Movement

So the other day I was reading up on the hype movement that was started by young college kids back in Tonga who were concerned with growing rates of school drop outs and death among Tongan youth. So they wanted to start a movement that gives empowerment to young tongans, and to better oneself through positive actions. Along with this movement they have black bracelets that you can get with the words hype on it. Now my opinion on this is of cool and good for these young adults who are trying to get the message out to empower yourself by doing positive things. Now this is where I get a little confused. So I go onto the hype myspace and for the majority part you see youth from all over sport'n the bracelet. However, you also see individuals sport'n the bracelet and they're throwing up signs or hypes top friends are obviously individuals that belong to gangs. HMMM....I think some people missed the whole point of this movement. Infact, i find it a little entertaining because if someone were to do some statics on why there is a growing number of school drop outs and death among tongan youth I'm pretty sure there would be a positive correlation between that and gang banging. Also something for these youth to take into consideration is that gang banging is not empowering but rather the complete oposite.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Random things about me....

1.) I like to cook despite not being very good at it. Most people when they know that they're not good at something stop and try something new. Nope not me in this particular case. I just keep trying because I'm tired of spending money on fast food that isn't good for any of us.... soo I just keep on it. Although I must say that I'm doing well at breakfast foods:)

2.) I keep tweezers in my car. I do this because my skin gets major irratated when I get them waxed and I break out BAD really bad. So I'm a plucker kind of a gal and I do so everyday when ever I'm at a red light, or picking up my husband from work and have to wait for him. Strange, perhaps but its better than having a uni-brow.

3.) My favorite holiday is halloween. I suppose this stems from my childhood when I missed out on trick or treating several times due to being sick. However, I love everything about it the decorating, carving the pumpkins, going to haunted houses, and getting all dressed up. Plus I love the idea that everyone well almost everyone gives out free candy.

4.)I've never been to a major theme park. Yup soo true my parents weren't much of travelers back in the day, and so I have never been to Disney Land/World or anything. Its my goal to do more traveling and take Izzy to places I wish my parents did.

5.) Even now that I'm older when I see a shooting star I still make a wish on it. lol

6.) I'm still paranoid about sharks in the ocean. No matter how many times I've been in the ocean I still get uneasy about sharks. Statistically I realize that the chances of being attacked are slim but if the experts say sharks look for and attack injured sea life animals, well then compared to most good swimmers/surfers I'm definitely the "injured" looking one.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Potty Training....

I would like to announce that Izzy Boy is now potty trained!!! Oh T.G. that is over with. Now I don't have to worry about buying diapers:). It's actually wierd because izzy boy was the one that pretty much decided he was done with the diapers. After a fun filled weekend up in Salt Lake. On Tuesday Izzy came home from day care and said "mommy I need to potty on the toilet". Thinking that he wasn't really being serious I just said "ok", but then he walked himself to the bathroom stood on the toilet and did his business. Since then he's been wearing his big boy underwear and has only had one accident but that was at night when he was sleeping. It's amazing how easy it was because he was the one to iniciate it. Gosh, I feel like I was stressing over nothing b/c in the past we did try but izzy wasn't ready so I didn't force it. Now this summer I hope to put him in the montessori school since that was there requirement; that all children be potty trained. Oh life is good:)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Getting Izzy to bed....

Ok so lets just tell it like it is; my son is driving me nuts and I have my husband to thank lol! Since my husband just couldn't handle izzy sleeping in his crib when he was younger we wait no let me rephrase that I can't get him to 1. sleep in his own bed and 2. sleep before 10pm. This is by far more frustrating than getting my son to pee in the toilet. I hope that this issue can be resolved sooner than later because it's really annoying to be up at one in the moring, while my husband is snoring away in bed and izzy jumping off the bed pretending to be spiderman. Plus I just feel bad for izzy cause by that time of the night my patience is low and anger is high. Any suggestions people??? Honestly I'm plain old tired and I'm irritated that I go to school sometimes looking like I've been up all night snorting crack lol.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kids Say the Cutest Things

Just this past week izzy boy has surprised me with saying some of the cutest things. On Monday as I was catching up on one of the few t.v. shows worth watching (Oprah of course) izzy boy ran to the door and was attempting to open it. So I asked izzy boy "Hey and where do you think you're going monster?" Izzy looked at me and said mommy I go work on the ambulance. So as I tried hard not to laugh I said oh, ok why do you want to go work izzy? Izzy then replied by saying so I get monies to buy candies and diapers. Later in the week Izzy came to me holding a closed fist and tried to put it in my hand I said thanks izzy whats this? Izzy replied by saying burried treasures mommy here you go.
After hearing my son say these cute things, i felt a sense of gratitude that I've been able to spend a lot of time with izzy this summer. Its things like this that make it hard to go back to school especially since I start this Monday, knowing that durring the days a head I might miss special moments like these with him. However, I know that by finishing my education, will in the end be most benefical for my family. Thats when I just have to keep saying that sometimes we do the things we have to do so we can do the things we want do.- (Denzel Washington)